Healthy Habit Freebie!

COVID has done a number on everyone over the past few months and for a lot of us, that can cause some chaos in our normal routine. It’s normal to lean on comfort food when your life seems to have been flipped on its head and you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. The firstContinue reading “Healthy Habit Freebie!”

My One Week Progress

I used to believe workout programs and nutrition plans were not for me. I didn’t like following a calendar or tracking what I ate. I spent years believing I was doing great on my own, and that the only missing link was a secret pill or drink that I just clicked “purchase” for. I wouldn’tContinue reading “My One Week Progress”

My Favorite Superfood Recipes

I love eating healthy. It make me feel good! My energy, digestion, satiety, etc are living their best life when I fuel my body correctly. But I am also a sucker for something sweet! Luckily, I found superfoods that are so delicious, they taste like dessert! These clean superfoods have changed my life. They haveContinue reading “My Favorite Superfood Recipes”