How Becoming a Virtual Health and Wellness Coach Has Held Me Accountable to my Own Health Journey

I was the girl who spent hundreds of dollars on programs that were finally going to give me my dream body. I’d tell myself, “This is it… This is MY time!” Only to end up falling off the face of the fitness earth one week later. What’s worse? I’d blame it on the program! That is just wasn’t for me. My body doesn’t like those foods… My body doesn’t like those moves.

SPOILER ALERT: Um no… I was just out of shape, and would have rather eat ice cream over kale.

I have always been knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition, so everyone (including myself) thought I was the perfect image of health. Except I wasn’t! I was closet eating cookies and ice cream. I was binge eating and drinking, and I was eating super healthy dinners in tiny quantities so I had plenty of room for dessert!

I was depressed. I was riddled with anxiety. I was completely addicted to sugar, and well on my way to being addicted to alcohol. And I could not get myself out of the cycle! I felt shame and guilt.

But then I became a certified health coach. I was forced to take a good, long look at my own habits. For the first time in my entire life, I looked at those habits as my starting point, rather than a shameful elephant in the room. I started focusing on eating more protein. I focused on looking at food as fuel instead of something to hide behind. I started using nature as my stress relief. And I started giving myself some freaking grace!

But like anything else in life, there are ebbs and flows. I am not always motivated to workout. I am not always in the mood for veggies, and still love me some good chocolate chip cookies without an ounce of anything healthy in them. And as much as I knew what to do, I still allowed myself to fall off the wagon.

When I partnered with my fitness and nutrition company, I started running bootcamps. And in those bootcamps, I became a leader.

On the days I don’t want to show up for myself, I show up for my bootcamp girls! I show up for my health community. My team. My TRIBE. I lead from the front, and it has kept me accountable… just as much as I hold them accountable.

I finally found a home where I still fall off the wagon, I still eat the cookies, but I can finally stop at 1 (ok, maybe 2). I finally feel in control. I believe in my girls and the power they hold for themselves, which automatically means I must believe that for myself too. For ten years, I dreamed of a job that forced me into shape. Being in shape was my job. And I finally have it. I am not in the best shape of my life yet, but I am well on my way. And after years of self-sabotage, destructive eating habits, shame and guilt, I am not allowing myself to give up – just as I don’t allow my girls to give up on themselves.

The best part? All I needed to coach is a heart to serve, and dedication to my own health journey. I didn’t need a certification, I didn’t need inventory, I didn’t even have to be fit! I started my coaching side-gig at the BEGINNING of my health journey. When I had the weight to lose, the nutrition to dial in, and the confidence to build.

If you are at all interested in learning more about what I do to earn a side income from home by focusing on your health and helping others do the same, drop your email in the comments below. I’d love to chat!



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