My Favorite Superfood Recipes

I love eating healthy. It make me feel good! My energy, digestion, satiety, etc are living their best life when I fuel my body correctly. But I am also a sucker for something sweet! Luckily, I found superfoods that are so delicious, they taste like dessert!

These clean superfoods have changed my life. They have improved my digestion, they give me lasting energy, they fill me up, and they taste sinful. I love creating new recipes with these powders, and I want to share them with you! Click “download” below to get my free recipes!

You can substitute these superfoods for regular protein powder to create a similar treat. Or, check out all the goodness that comes in these superfoods (not to mention flavors!) here. They come in whey or plant-based, and are part of the clean, balanced nutrition plan I follow.

I follow the belief that we heal from the inside, out. I spent years thinking I ate healthy, and I just wasn’t destined to lose weight. I finally took the plunge to commit to a program that was straightforward, yet flexible, and truly started healing my body from the inside. These superfoods upped my game in deep healing, and skyrocketed my results. Who is ready to feel their best?

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