My Story

I have so much to share in these monthly newsletters… However, I thought I’d start at the beginning… My story.

I have always been extremely interested in health and nutrition. I was using flaxseeds before flaxseeds were cool.

However, I was overweight, riddled with anxiety, exhausted, and there wasn’t such thing as too much ice cream. I spent years trapped in binge eating, sugar addiction and low self-esteem, which was topped off with too much booze to mask all the shame. I was the gal who would want to leave a date early because I was craving sugar, but didn’t want to look like a fat a** (yes, I was a closet sugar addict). I developed crazy anxiety, was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and had such bad hormone imbalances that at one point my progesterone levels were that of a 9-year old boy.

However, I couldn’t admit to myself I had a problem. I was in denial that I had become out of shape, so every intense workout program “wasn’t for me”. I was in denial I had an eating disorder, so every nutrition program or veggie-filled recipe was “just too strict and not attainable”.

Since starting on my Beachbody journey, I have found the beauty in balance. I balanced out my diet where I finally foundsatiety. I incorporated daily superfoods where I found increased energy, better digestion, reduced cravings and clearer skin. I balanced out my workout routine and found a clear head and reduced stress from 20-60 minute at-home workouts and physical rest and

recovery when I needed it. I found a calm confidence that I was finally on a healing journey, and knew I was forming lasting habits that would take me through the natural ups and downs of progress. I found a world where I got out of the habit of: 

  • Thinking I wasn’t good enough
  • Thinking I wasn’t deserving
  • Using fear to stay stuck
  • Thinking there is no point, its too late

Habits are far more than physical actions. Habits can show up in our beliefs…

Our thoughts become our behaviors; Our behaviors become our beliefs; Our beliefs become our identity.

Cheers to becoming our best selves through fitness, nutrition, and lifting that glass ceiling that has been holding us back from releasing our true potential.

Xoxo, Sky

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